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This crochet octopus set is the perfect plushie to fidget with or just to keep as a unique bedroom decoration!

This adorable friend is also great for gifting to someone you care for or even just to hoard for yourself :)

These little fellas are super soft and adorable! This octopus is the perfect fidget size for any age. You can also display them on a shelf to decorate any room or office and they especially make an amazing gift for both adults and children!

These little guys are a great gift for any season or occasion! Amazing gift ideas for birthdays, Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, and even party favors! You can even just give them as an affordable surprise gift to a friend you have been thinking about! The possibilities with these octopi are truly endless <3

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Material Content:

- 100% Polyester Yarn

- 100% Recycled Polyester Stuffing

- 16mm Plastic Safety Eyes

- Handmade in Missouri, USA

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Care Instructions:

- Spot Clean Only

- - - - - - - - --

Plushie Size:

3" × 2" (8cm × 5 cm)

DISCLAIMER: Please supervise children under 3 years old when playing with this plushie due to it containing small parts such as plastic eyes

Mini Crochet Octopus Plushies

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